Vocational Rehabilitation Centre

PSRD’s Vocational Rehabilitation Centre renders interest free loans for starting or upgrading businesses to deserving persons with disabilities so that they can support themselves as well as their families. These loans are paid back in twenty equal installments after an initial grace period of two months.

Since commencement, Rs. 23.5 million has been disbursed to 890 persons with disabilities and the recovery rate has been 98.97%.

Business management training is given to the loanees before disbursing the loans. The training consists of planning, budgeting, record keeping, and innovation.


Mohammad Zaheer,who lived with his eight family members, met an accident while he was 17 which resulted in the severance of his left hand by an electric shock. His father, who worked as a welder, earned a meager sum of Rs per day. Zaheer, being the eldest son, was not able to continue his education and started working as a cattle farm helper. He worked 12 hours a day, earning an insignificant sum of Rs. 6000 only, which could not fulfill the needs of his family. Having acquired sufficient experience, he wanted to start his own business of Livestock Feed.

Luckily he came to know about PSRD’s micro-credit scheme and applied for a loan. After regular scrutiny, he was given a loan of Rs. 50,000. He worked hard and now his earnings are more than Rs. 20,000/month which enabled him to educate his younger siblings and paying back installments on time.

Savidah Mushtaq, was a victim of medical malpractice which resulted in partial use of her right leg. She was a single, 38 year old lady with four family members to support. She had ten years’ experience of working as a beautician and was earning Rs. 16,000 per month. The owner decided to sell the parlor for Rs 100,000 and Savidah did not wanted to miss this opportunity.

One of her client informed her about VRC at PSRD. She applied for loan worth Rs 50,000 and after assessing her home and the parlor, she was granted a loan of Rs. 50,000. She gave this amount as a down payment and paid the rest within three months. Now, she is running her parlor independently and earns more than Rs. 25,000/month. She is able to meet the expenses of her family and pays installments regularly.