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Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the service of orthopedically handicapped persons. PSRD was initially established by orthopaedic surgeons in 1957 as a small Physiotherapy Centre within Mayo Hospital. PSRD moved to its current premises in 1964. With the passage of time, PSRD has become a facility recognised by Rehabilitation International as an organisation with the maximum number of activities under one roof. It is supported by donations from philanthropic individuals and organizations.

Mr. Parvez Masud, S.I. is the President of PSRD since 2012 and Mrs. Parveen Umar is the General Secretary.

Past Presidents

Dr. Amir ud din                              1957 – 1963

Begum Khudija G. A Khan             1963 – 1988

Ch. Idd Muhammad                      1988 – 1992

Begum M.H. Sherazee, S.I.             1992 – 2012

General Secretaries

Dr. Ayub Ahmad Khan                   1957 – 1963

Nusrat Akram                                1963 – 1975

Dr. Shirin Khan                              1976 – 1979

Nusrat Akram                                1980 – 1981

Khalida Siddiqui                            1981 – 1983

Sajeela Aslam Khan                      1984 – 1998

Parveen Umar                               1999 – 2009

Rehana Maroof Baray                  2009 – 2011

Our Departments


PSRD High School

PSRD Hospital 

Skill Development Centre

Out Patient Department

PSRD College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Orthotic & Prosthetic Centre

Occupational & Speech Therapy Centre

Vocational Rehabilitation Centre

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“And be steadfast in prayer; give Zakat, and bow down your heads with those who bow down (in worship). Quran 2:43”

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