Out Patient Department OPD

In the Outpatient Department, every year, more than 20,000 new patients are registered and categorised according to their paying capacity. Out of this number, almost 70 percent are treated free of charge, and the rest are treated at highly concessional rates. The facilities in this department are dedicated to providing compassionate and high-quality medical care and diagnosis to approximately 300 patients in need of orthopaedic treatment daily. The services include emergency or observation services, or outpatient clinic services, including same-day surgery, X-rays, and other radiology services.

Assessment Section (Socio-Economic Condition)

After registration, all patients come to this section for an assessment of their socio-economic status so as to ascertain their paying capability. Patients are classified into one of five categories, A-E, with E patients receiving free treatment. E-category patients constituted 17 percent of the total number of patients this year. At times, it becomes necessary to visit the homes of patients to determine their socio-economic status.


The OPD subcommittee unanimously approves the medicines at subsidised rates and provides them to deserving patients. In any case, a minimum of $200 of the total price or cost of medicines will be borne by the patients.


The social welfare officers also provide moral and psychological guidance to patients to help them with their issues. Those who are able-bodied are encouraged to find a job to support their families, while others are helped to start a small business by referring them to the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre at PSRD.


Every year, different renowned universities such as LUMS, LSE, UET, and the University of Punjab and schools such as BSS, LACAS, and LGS send their students from the Social Work Department to PSRD for fieldwork training.


Patients coming to OPD are thoroughly examined by our competent doctors and treated accordingly. Those that require referral are sent to the respective departments.