Occupational & Speech Therapy Centre

Occupational Therapy treatment focuses on physical, sensory, or cognitive disability in patients. Those with hand disabilities, cerebral palsy and stroke disorders are helped to be as independent as possible to resume their daily activities.

Speech Therapy is a therapeutic treatment of speech defects and disorders through exercise and audio visual aids. A number of PSRD high school students also benefit from speech therapy.

Success Story

Sana, an 18 year old, came to the PSRD Occupational and Speech Therapy Centre with CVA -Cerebrovascular Accident (stroke).She had mild stiffness on the right side of her body that led to poor fine motor and self-help skills, bilateral coordination as well as problems in gait and balance.

After Occupational Therapy sessions for two months, the muscle strength in her right upper limb improved as well as bilateral coordination and her fine motor functions. She can now perform activities of daily living (ADL’s) with mild assistance.

Success Story

Mehwis, a 26 year old girl, visited the Speech Therapy department in March 2018 with a complaint of absence of voice (Aphonia).  She lost her voice four years earlier due to vocal abuse. She had multiple surgeries for her voice and was referred to PSRD for speech therapy after her last vocal cord surgery in 2017. Voice rest and regular voice therapy helped her speak long phrases and sentences, though her voice is still a bit hoarse. Follow up sessions and vocal hygiene will help her to regain a smooth voice.