PSRD has come a long way since its inception in 1957 from a small physiotherapy department within Mayo Hospital to a full-fledged Orthopedic Hospital, High School, College of Rehabilitative Sciences, and complete services to support persons with disabilities including Orthotics & Prosthetics, Occupational & Speech Therapy, Vocational Rehabilitation, Skill Development, Community Based Rehabilitation and much more, thus providing complete rehabilitation under one roof.

This year, PSRD was able to lay greater emphasis on raising awareness about the problems of persons with disabilities by holding various events and seminars. Fundraiser events were also held to enable the collection of funds to further improve the facilities at PSRD.

PSRD High School Students obtained a 100% pass result in the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Matriculation exam. A new wing has been added in the school to cater to senior classes and offices. Two new school buses were donated by the Federal Government under the Prime Minister program.

The provision of Potable (Pure) Water was a dire necessity for hospital patients and High School children. This has been sponsored by INFAQ Foundation for which PSRD is thankful.

An ultrasound machine and a traction machine was purchased for the Physiotherapy Department which has greatly enhanced the therapeutic capabilities of the physiotherapists.

The Speech Therapy Centre is now providing formal language assessment of children with delayed speech and language complaints. PSRD is equipped with standardized test Renfrew Language scales to evaluate children’s speech and language abilities.

The Occupational Therapy Centre designs functional and dynamic splints to make patients independent and functional in activities of daily living. PSRD has established the facility for upper limb splinting and fabrication according to patients needs and problems, as part of their therapeutic plan.

A Fundraising Dinner was held in the spacious lawns of the Governor’s House in March 2018. The Governor Punjab, Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana was the Chief Guest. The dinner was sponsored by the Chief Guest and Dr. Amjad Saqib, Executive Director, Aknuwat Foundation.

PSRD College of Rehabilitation Sciences started B.Sc. classes for Speech and Language Pathology.

PSRD has been supported by ALTSO, Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled, Allah Ditta Charity Fund, Hong Kong & Bulleh Shah Packaging, Lahore and numerous other donors.


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