The PSRD hospital, with 110 beds, is one of the largest orthopedic hospitals in Pakistan and receives patients from all over the country. It does not refuse treatment for any patient and provides quality treatment without any discrimination. A qualified team of orthopedic surgeons and supportive paramedical staff carry out all types of surgeries. An average of 15 operations per day are performed, including total joint replacement, fracture, non-union, malunion, and various types of congenital deformities like clubfoot, etc.

Sponsor a Differently Abled Patient

Sponsoring a Differently Abled Patient allows you to assume direct responsibility for the treatment of one or more differently abled patients.

General Donations and Zakat

Give your Zakat and donations to PSRD and help the differently abled meet their basic needs, medical treatments, and education to help them stand on their own feet.

Sponsor a Differently Abled Child’s Education

Your donations can educate an orthopedically challenged child from a low-income family for one year.

PSRD - Islamabad Chapter

Help PSRD build a new facility in Islamabad to help children with disabilities.

PSRD KIMGUL barki campus

Help PSRD build a new facility in Kimgul Barki to help children with disabilities.