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PSRD is a charitable organization dedicated to serve the orthopedically challenged. Established in 1957, it consists of a 110-bed hospital, an Orthotics & Prosthetics Centre, Physiotherapy Centre, Occupational & Speech Therapy Centres, College for Rehabilitation Sciences, Skill Development, Vocational Rehabilitation and Community Based Outreach Program in addition to the High School for Differently Abled children. PSRD provides the children with free education, transport, uniforms, books, nutrition and medical treatment.
You can donate a meal for our Differently Abled High School children and patients and help us fulfill the special dietary needs of the deserving at PSRD, giving them the strength to fight disability and society rejection. Each meal is prepared with specific attention to hygiene and particular nutritional needs of the patients. Donate a meal because Each Meal Can Help Heal.

In any case of queries or further details, please email us at, call us at 0306-5555-201 or visit us directly. We will guide you further.

How to give Zakat:
Online | Cash, Cheque or Bank Draft | Through Bank Transfer | Home Collection | Jazz Cash | Faisal Bank Account | By visiting PSRD

Deposit details:

Faysal Bank – IBAN: PK49FAYS3599301000001849

Addr: PSRD 111 Ferozepur Road, Lahore