Community Based Rehabilitation Outreach Services


The Objective of CBR Outreach program is to establish, encourage , asssist and finance activities of women and children brinig  a meaningful change in lives of the less fortunate village women and children. Until the present, CBR teams have covered 43 villages.

The objectives of the CBR Outreach Program includes:

  •  – Preventing disease and disabilities in the rural population, through immunization programs & primary health care eductaion.
  • Self-Empowerment scheme to empower village women with orthopedic disabilities & enhance their potential through small loans.
  • To ensure that person with disabilities are able to maximize their physical and mental abilities, to access regular services & opportunities , and to become active contributors of the community & society at large.
  •  –To provide financial , medical, welfare and educational assistance for the disadvantaged rural women and children to teach them skills so they are financially independent.
  • To emphasize on the importance of cleanliness.