Advocacy & Public Relations Dept.

This department works actively throughout the year in promoting PSRD and its activities, liaises and networks with organizations and institutions, helps in fund raising and organizing of events and advocating on behalf of people with disabilities. The following activities took place during the year 2011-2012. 

  • Fund Raising

Campaigns were launched for collection of donation / zakat during the month of Ramadan and skin collection campaign was launched on Eid-ul-Azha. PSRD participated in exhibition of handicrafts at the Iranian Consulate and also presented theatrical performances for awareness purposes. 

Funfair and musical evening was also organized to raise funds.

  • Publicity and Promotions

Marketing and promotional materials, Annual Reports and Quarterly Newsletters were designed and printed. Coordination with television, radio and print media was done for promotion of PSRD. 

  • Advocacy and Communication

International Day of Persons with Disabilities was observed and awareness of the challenges and opportunities for persons with disabilities was promoted. Internship of 26 students of Beaconhouse School System was arranged. Coordination was done with AGHS Legal AID Cell (Child Rights Unit.) 1885 visitors / students from various universities, colleges, institutes and organizations were briefed regarding the role of PSRD and problems of PWDs.

  • Event Organization

19th Eid Gift Ceremony was arranged and gifts distributed among the school students. 18th Anniversary of Old Students Association was arranged. Participation of staff and school students in walks organized by Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Akhuwat and events under the banner of Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled were arranged. Many other activities were organized throughout the year. 

  • Others

Maintaining records of old students, assisting them in every aspect of their lives (education, training, job placement, loans, treatments, surgeries, limbs, matrimonial services and other needs) is another priority of the Public Relations Department as well as helping the students with their ID cards and Disability Certificates.

  • PSRD Old Students Association

There is an active old students association which endeavours to maintain contact with old students of PSRD School. By the Grace of God, out of the total of 372 old students registered with the Association most of them have secured employment or are pursuing higher studies. 10 have secured overseas employment.