Skill Development Units


The main focus of Skill Development Centre is to equip persons with disabilities of both genders, with various skills to make them productive and active members of society. The centre offers courses in computer, cell phone repairing, arts and crafts, sewing and stitching. 

Comuter Training Center

The computer training centre offers training to disabled students; and at a nominal fee to the able bodied.

Initially this Centre had only one computer but with the help of donors it is now equipped with 19 Pentium-IV and 1 Pentium III computers. Internet facility is available. The Centre offers the following Computer Diploma Courses.

  • Diploma In Computerized Embroidery Designing
  • Diploma In Webpage Designing
  • Diploma In Office Automation 


As in the past years we have given concession to both disabled students and indigent able bodied students.


Since the inception of computer training programme, we have trained 271 disabled and 535 able bodied students.

Job Opportunity

67% Disabled students and  58% Able Bodied Students are employed in Private/Government Sector e.g., Banks, Post Office, AG Office, PTCL and Schools etc., some of our students are also working abroad.

Cell Phone Repairing

Instruction is provided by a qualified instructor and the course is popular among the young boys. During the year 41 students were trained out of which 26 were disabled.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts section commenced in September 2007. Primary aim was to develop skills in academically weak/disabled students in order to help them earn their living. They are trained to make paper bags, envelopes, bangles, jewelery, boxes and decorate them. 

Sewing and Stitching

This section offers short courses of three months in drafting, cutting, sewing, and hand embroidery.  The focus is to train the girls (able and disabled) to earn a respectable living. 

Earning Opportunity

Young people with disabilities and / or their family members are also paid a good monthly wage to produce items for sale in commercial outlets. They get a sense of satisfaction and pride when they are able to contribute to the family income. PSRD is grateful to Ehsaan Chappal Store and H. Karim Buksh for supporting this endeavour.