Out Patient Department

Out Patient Department is the first point of entry for all patients.

Reception and Registration Section

It is the  place where all patients report on arrival and get themselves registered on payment of Rs. 20/-. This year (2011-2012) the number of patients registered was 31,737.

Assessment Section (Socio-Economic Condition)

The department is managed by two qualified and experienced Social Welfare Officers (SWO). After registration all patients come to this section for assessment of their socio economic status so as to determine their paying capacity. Based on their circumstances the patient may be placed anywhere in one of the five categories A to E. 19% of total patients were treated free or on highly concessional rates this year under 'E' category. 25,735 new cases were assessed by the Social Welfare Officer.

Concessional Cases

This year 2242 deserving patients were recommended for free appliances by the Limb Centre, which also included students and employees.

Assistance Fund

The Society maintains a fund to help deserving patients by providing them with free medicines. This fund is managed by SWO. Implants are quite expensive and many patients are unable to afford them. This year 80 patients were given free of cost implants.

Counseling and Guidance

SWO provides moral and psychological guidance to the patients for solving their problems. They are encouraged to take up employment for supporting their families. Those in position to start a small business are referred to Vocational Rehabilitation Centre while others with minor disabilities are advised to join Vocational training, Computer training, Cell Phone repairing and Skill Development Centre.

Home Visits

At times, it is necessary to visit the homes of patients to determine their socioeconomic status. SWO undertakes these visits to verify facts about the patients.

Student Training

Every year University of Punjab sends its students from Social Work department to PSRD for training. SWO trains them in case work settings.

OPD Clinic

Patient coming to OPD were thoroughly examined by our competent doctor and treated accordingly. Those who required referral were sent to the respective department.