Community Based Outreach Unit

The CBR program of PSRD aims at prevention of diseases and disabilities in the rural population through immunization programs and primary health care education. Self employment is another objective to empower women with disabilities, and enhance their potential through small loans and skills training.

CBR Program is focused on five projects currently: 

  • Survey

Survey is carried out for each village and data is collected regarding population size, socio-economic status, prevalence of disability etc. Qalandarpura Village has been chosen this year. 

  • Immunization

CBR staff works in coordination with the Punjab Directorate of Health, EPI staff, to carry out Polio eradication campaigns. In 2011-2012 9664 children up to age 5 were administered polio drops and vitamins A &E drops. 

  • Medical Treatment

The CBR Mobile team including Doctor, Physiotherapist and Community workers visit the village selected and provide on the spot medical treatment for minor health issues. Patients with major musculoskeletal conditions are referred to PSRD while those with other conditions are referred to other institutions. 

  • Primary Education and Vocational Training

Under community participation component, Primary Health Education is imparted to mothers and their children on personal hygiene, important social matters and day to day life issues.

Free Vocational Workshop was conducted for village girls in Qalandarpura.

  • Self Employment Scheme

Poor women with disabilities, in particular, and other deserving women are helped to start their own businesses with provision of small loans. Recovery rate has been very good.