Shirin Sarfraz

Shirin Sarfraz, 20 year old girl came to PSRD in April 08, with C.P Quadriplegic, Athetoid diagnosed. She had involuntary movements in her whole body due to which she was unable to hold her neck and perform any activity. She also had poor perception, co-ordination and communication skills and also suffering from motor planning deficits. Our therapists trained her, through therapeutic activities, in her ADL’s that now she can do bathe, eat, drink, cook and go to the toilet on her own. Her unilateral disregard has completely vanished after practicing bilateral activities. Her level of perception and cognation has also improved greatly after doing a lot of problem solving activities. After receiving hand therapy her fine motor skills have improved to the extent that she can thread a needle and also do simple embroidery. After counseling her communication skills have also improved. She and her family members are highly pleased to see her independence.