Nasir Butt

My name is Nasir Butt. I am in 10th class. I was bound to a wheel chair when I came to PSRD. Surgeons operated me and by the grace of Allah I got rid of wheelchairs and started using crutches. For me switching from wheelchair to crutches was the ever expected blessing. Now I am able to do things with out anybody’s help. I was always inspired by the body builders and always wished to have muscular body like them. I thought that it’s just a dream and I can never make it true. But PSRD has changed this dream to reality and today it’s been three years that I am participating in different national and international competitions of body building and won several medals. I went to Greece to attend an international competition. It was like an unbelievable happiness to me that I never ever thought about. I can say with profound pleasure and pride that PSRD has made a difference to my life.