Our History

The Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (P.S.R.D.) is a charitable voluntary organization dedicated to the service of the orthopaedically handicapped.
The foundation was laid in 1957 with the financial assistance of Rs. 100,000/- from the then West Pakistan Social Welfare Council. It was a humble beginning with just a small Physiotherapy Centre in the Out-Patients Department of the Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Dr. Amiruddin FRCS, FICS was the first President and Dr. Ayub Ahmad Khan M.S   M.R.C.S Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery of K.E.M.C and visiting Orthopaedic Surgeon of the Mayo Hospital, Lahore was its first General Secretary.
Rehabilitation is a complicated and continuous process and requires the service of trained personnel, dedicated social workers and funds.
The launching of such a multipurpose scheme was made possible when in 1964 the Society’s application for financial grant under PL-480 for its two Research Demonstration project was recommended by the Pakistan Government and accepted by the Department of Health Education and Welfare, Vocational Rehabilitation Administration Washington – Government of the United States of America. The premises at 111-Ferozepur Road were purchased and the Society moved in there. The money for the building was raised from loans which have since been repaid.
In 1969, a new block of building, the first of a series, was completed to house the Orthopaedic Centre for the fabrication and fitting of artificial limbs and braces. This Section till then was functioning in a rented building away form the Centre.
The block, housing the Physiotherapy Department and the Surgical Unit was completed in 1971–72. Another block specially designed to accommodate the School & Vocational Centre was completed in 1980 with Government grant and public donations.
From time to time foreign experts have visited the Society and helped in organizing the various sections and training the necessary personnel. Mr. Hengel from Netherlands helped in organizing the Orthopedic Centre and trained 12 orthotists and prosthetists. Miss. Sandra Allen from U.K and Miss. Ruby Decker from USA organized the Physiotherapy Department and trained 12 Physiotherapists in the Physiotherapy School set up by the latter. The Physiotherapy Centre was completely renovated and equipped in 2007.
Among the patients coming to P.S.R.D for treatment were a number of children whose education was neglected because of the nature of their treatment. An education programme was started in 1965 and the project was helped to develop with the financial assistance of Bernard Van Leer Foundation of Holland followed by Oxfam, Oxford (England) who also provided a van for transportation of the children. The programme proved beneficial and the children made good progress both academically and in their treatment.
In 1980 another block to accommodate Education Centre and Vocational Training Centre was completed the help of grants from the government and public donations. The School now has 240 students on its rolls. Studying upto the 10th Class.

Some of the features which designate the PSRD are:

  • 50% of hospital beds are for free or concessional treatment. Poor patients are given free treatment and food during hospitalization. They are also provided free appliances. No one is refused admission.
  • School consisting of 240 children beside providing education upto class ten also provides free pick and drop facilities, milk as a nutritional supplement and mid day meals. They are provided facilities for computer learning from 6th class onward.
  • A modern Physiotherapy Centre equipped with the latest and modern equipment.
  • The Society not only offers quality medical and surgical services to its patients but have also entered in the field of economic and social rehabilitation. Micro credit loans are being given to deserving disabled persons to enabled them to enable them to be economically independent and useful citizens of Pakistan.
  • Sports is an essential part of treatment for physically disabled, a lot of emphasis is given to sports and our students have been participating in local, national and international sports events with distinction and honour.
  • Most of the PSRD records, stores and account have been computerized.
  • So far PSRD has treated 400,000 patients.v

Year of Departments Established

                                        Department Year
                  ·          Physiotherapy 1957
                  ·          O & P Centre 1969
                  ·          High School 1965
                  ·          O.T Centre 1967
                  ·          Hospital 1978
                  ·          C.B.R 1992
                  ·          Vocational Rehabilitation Centre 1993

                  ·          Skill Development Centre
                         O          Vocational Training Centre 1972
                         O          Computer Training Centre 1991
                         O          Cell Phone Repairing Centre 2005
                         O          Arts & Crafts Centre 2008
                  ·           Public Relationing Cell 2008



Department                           Year