A Message from President

The journey started in 1957 in two small rooms in the Mayo Hospital. Today we are a multi-faceted organization occupying 30,000 sq. feet of custom built structures including our recently completed Outdoor Department and Limb Workshop. We have recently added a third operation theatre, additional general ward and private rooms to accommodate the growing number of patients. Along with the existing units we are able to offer a comprehensive range of facilities for the treatment, education and rehabilitation of the physically disabled.
For all this I pay tribute to our founders, volunteers, past and present donors, without whom we could not be where we are today.
Although we have accomplished much, we are far from achieving our goal of making every disabled person a valued and productive member of society. In fact we have not even touched the fringe of the problem yet. This involves not only locating and identifying the disabled, many of them living in rural areas, but also providing them with accessible facilities for treatment, education and rehabilitation. In this ongoing effort we look to your support and encouragement.